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about us
Muharram-in-Kashmir is a team of volunteers committed to bringing Kashmiri nauhas, marsiyas, naats and other relevant content to Kashmiri people all over the world.

Team is based in Srinagar, Kashmir and is trying its best to put past, contemporary and future nauhas and marsiyas on the Web so that people could access them at the click of a button.

While nauhas, marsiyas and naats etc. in Urdu and other languages have been easily available online, Kashmiri nauhas, marsiyas etc. had not been available on the Web until year 2008 when was launched.

Team dedicates its valuable effort, time, money and resources in its quest to bring Kashmiri nauhas, marsiyas and other relevant content online.

This website is dedicated to the most noble messenger Muhammad (PBUH) and his household, the Ahlul Bayt (AS). Salutations and peace be upon them all.

Muharram-in-Kashmir is not affiliated to any religious body within Kashmir or elsewhere. Our sole aim is to make an online repository of nauhas, marsiyas and other relevant content/information.

We welcome your feedback.


Muharram-in-Kashmir Team